PLATIPUS anchoring system is a soil anchor. In additional, the system is developed and expanded as a tree root ball anchoring system and has many success case studies in its applications. Besides tree root ball anchoring, PLATIPUS also specializes in civil engineering and construction works, applications such as:
: Slope stabilization
: Retaining wall
: Sheet piling
: Erosion control
: Buoyancy control/pipelines
: Landfill capping, etc.

Our Plati-Drain® system is a unique solution that reduces pore water pressure within clay slopes and behind retaining walls. Unlike conventional weep holes Plati-Drain provides deep penetration. It can also help prevent shallow and deep seated slope failures.

The PLATIPUS Piddler Irrigation System can offers efficient & even delivery of water and air directly to tree roots; water savings with no run-off, evaporation and water escaping to the bottom of the tree pit and the surrounding areas; easy to assemble, lightweight and compact compared to traditional pipe systems.


Permaloc® is a high-performance aluminum landscape edging and restraint system. The Landscape edging can be used to separate turf from planting soil, mulch, stone, glass cullett, or any other bedding material. Permaloc is engineered to allow for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean edge in any landscape.

Soraya Terra Cotta Pots

We offer a wide range of hand-made terra cotta pots from Thailand. Each piece is hand crafted by the factory’s craftmen.