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Arenepierra Stone features a collection of over 25,000 pieces in a wide variety of sizes and architectural and decorative styles which will satisfy the requirements for virtually any project.

Our wide range of statuary, fountains, urns, vases and other architectural details are second to none and come in a variety of appealing materials:

Arenepierra Stone - is a natural clay which has been mined from the earth for centuries. It is known for its deep, red color. Its durability far exceeds most clay products.

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Sandstone - natural sandstone is mined in the Vicuna area of Italy, about 60km west of Venice. The pieces are turned on a lathe or hand-carved into statuary, fountains and other items which can be made to exact specifications.

In addition to our existing line of hand-carved stone pieces we offer custom fabrication to exact specifications.

  • To find out more about this product line, please contact us at L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. and we will be happy to provide you with more information.
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