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Image: Millenium Dome
Cyber Port , Hong Kong
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Versatile and attractive, tensioned membranes can be used to construct roofs, freestanding buildings, skylights and/or to accent enclosures. Completely different from other building materials both aesthetically and functionally, tensioned membrane might be thought of as an indivisible relationship between material, fabrication, design and installation processes. For the architectural designer, the sum of these elements provides an aesthetic potential that is -- for all intents and purposes -- unlimited.

Image: Millenium Dome
HK Jockey Club Shatin Racecourse
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In daylight, tensioned membrane structures provide a soft, diffuse interior translucency, yet appear to be opaque when viewed from the exterior. During nighttime, interior lightings create an exterior luminescence which is a very recognizable feature of tensioned membrane structures.

Image: King Fahd Stadium
Royal Garden Hotel, Hong Kong
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The majority of Taiyo Membrane Corporation. projects are created with Architectural Membrane, a woven electrical grade Fiberglass substrate with a Teflon PTFE coating, although non-woven materials such as PVC are also considered for various applications. The lifecycle of Taiyo Membrane Corporation. projects has proven to be extensive. Applications in place exceed twenty years without any appreciable reduction in strength from original design parameters.

Architects who have worked with Taiyo Membrane Corporation. realize that tensioned membrane, given its extensive life cycle, structural integrity, and durability, can be a reasonably priced method for obtaining incomparable results on both small and large projects.

Image: Chicago Navy Pier
Lai Chi Kok Park Stage III, Hong Kong
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The Taiyo Membrane Corporation. team offers customers pre-construction services, product education, manufacturing, project management, installation and long term customer service We work in conjunction with architects, engineers and owners to create dynamic examples of tensioned membrane technology.

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