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Mechanical barrier

In 1976, Deep Root® invented the first practical and economical method to prevent damage to hardscapes from tree roots. Since then we have developed into a company dedicated to helping trees thrive in our difficult urban and suburban world with a variety of tree and landscape products.

Deep Root® is a patented mechanical barrier and root deflector placed between tree roots and hardscapes to prevent damage. This reduces costs, maintenance and liability to cities, homeowners, developers and others for repairs, restoration and injuries caused by root damage.

Image: DeepRoot Usage

Deep Root® use
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As the root tip of a tree travels out from the root ball the tip will contact the Deep Root® barrier. Unable to penetrate the barrier the root will turn and eventually reach the vertical 90 degree ribs that are spaced every six inches. This guides the root underneath the barrier and allows the tree to grow to its full potential whilst eliminating the surface rooting and buttress root effect that damages hardscapes and utilities.

Image: With DeepRoot Image: Without DeepRoot

With Deep Root®

Without Deep Root®
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Deep Root® can be used for both new tree-plantings and for root pruning applications to preserve the beauty and value of mature trees whilst minimizing repair and liability costs of damaged hardware.

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