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By combining the essence of art and science, we create rockworks that adhere to the rules of nature. Being the spearhead for using Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC®) Rockscape we have the knowledge and the expertise required to satisfy our customers.

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L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. has master control over every stage of the works, from the production of GFRC® rockscape panels, the design of rock features and the layout of planning, to the installation of the rockworks.

We have undertaken a joint venture to manufacture GFRC® rockscape panels in China which fulfill our customers' design requirements.

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We completed the first GFRC® rockwork project in Hong Kong in 1987, and many others have followed since then. Throughout the years we have earned a high reputation in this field. L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. continues to be fully committed to building rockworks that will meet our customers' budget and expectations.

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