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Products' General Information

Hiflex HF-1000 / Tile Cement / Meji Cement

Hiflex HF-1000

Image: Housing Headquarters
Housing Headquarters
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Hiflex HF-1000 is a solution of EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate, that is used as a cement modifier. It substantially increases the bending and adhesion strength of a cement sand mortar for tile setting. This reduces the possibility of tiles falling off buildings after weathering and keeps the tiles on the wall, or floor, where they belong.

Hiflex HF-1000 is priced very competitively and is supplied in 18kg tins. The packaging allows on-site transport of these materials to be comfortably and easily carried out.

  • Hiflex HF-1000 is a cement modifier mainly consisting of ethylene vinyl acetate co-polymer emulsion.
  • Hiflex HF-1000 increases the flexural and adhesive strength of the cement mortar.
  • Hiflex HF-1000 is nonflammable, nontoxic and easy to use - it flows like water and is easy to mix with c/s mortar.
  • Hiflex HF-1000 comes in a concentrate form in an 18kg tin - this allows easy transport in and around building sites.

Meji Cement

Image: Meji Cement Sample
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L. F. Sam also supplies and sells Meji Cement. This is a ready-mixed cement product for tile joint grouting and pointing. Meji Cement has a powerful weather - resistant effect; it prevents cracks from appearing on the joints and maintains a permanent color tone. Meji Cement is supplied in 25kg bags.

  • Meji Cement is a grouting/pointing material.
  • Meji Cement provides more than fifty colors.
  • Meji Cement features include :
    • a powerful water-resistant effect
    • crack prevention
    • a permanent color tone
  • Meji Cement comes in 25kg bags and is easy to apply (just mix it with water).

Tile Cement - T22 Premixed Tile Adhesive

Image: Pacific View, Tai Tam
Pacific View, Tai Tam
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The functions of Hiflex HF-1000 can also be found in Tile Cement. This ready mixed cement product is designed for tile setting and can also be purchased from L. F. Sam. Tile cement is supplied in 25kg bags.

  • Tile Cement is a ready-mix cement for tile setting.
  • Tile Cement has :
    • high bending strength
    • high bonding strength
    • good workability
    • is highly weather resistant
  • Tile Cement comes in 25kg bags and is easy to use (just mix it with water).


To find out more about this product line, please contact us at L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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