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Color variation is an intrinsic characteristic of the products and should not be construed as defective.

AK series / DL series

AK Series (Floor Tile) (92x92)

Material used = porcelain/unglazed

The AK series floor tiles feature the style of granite and the performance of anti-skidding and wear resistance. They are widely used in floor pavements, except on those also used by motor vehicles.

Image: AK Series Floor Tiles

AK series tile specifications :

Image: AK Series Tile Specification

DL Series (145x45)

Material used = porcelain/unglazed

The DL series unglazed three tone tiles feature a unique style and a high taste in design. They have a strong three dimensional effect and will become enhanced after the effects of wind and rain throughout time.

Image: DL Series Tiles

DL series tile specifications :

Image: DL Series Tile Specification

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