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Fog, other than creating an ambiance in London, has emerged under the hands of physicist Thomas Mee to be not only of entertainment value but also an environmental control system.

Mee FogTM can be used to bring temperatures down some 30 degrees for large-scale agricultural use and to create a blanket that holds temperatures from 10 to 12 degrees warmer inside than the existing temperatures outside. Of course, it also features prominently in the entertainment industry.

Lok Fu Park, Hong Kong
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There are other more traditional ways of producing a fog effect, including dry ice systems, premixed chemical foggers and high pressure steam systems. But the Mee's systems are very nature oriented. They don't put any chemicals into the environment. They are also incredibly energy-efficient, using up to 100 times less energy than some systems.

The Mee FogTM device sprays a superfine mist of water through a patented stainless steel nozzle that can atomize water droplets to as small as 4 microns (150 millionths of an inch).

With the Fog systems comes the rest of the company's expertise. As the only international company with this invention, Mee's engineers have had to explore so many uncharted areas that they now know all the basics. From the first, an application's desired effect will be explored, including all details on quality control, right up until the initial installation. After this, fine tuning the system includes training the people involved in its operation.

Hence, Mee FogTM is not just selling a viable product but providing a service - being able to design and incorporate all our past knowledge of the parts which work best, how to put them all together, how to make them function and how to integrate all these effects.

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