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In this section: ICOT Marumatsu Persona® Ryowa Solnhofen

Image: Architectural Finishes

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Image: Nowadays, much in life depends upon presentation. The image we portray to others, our thoughts, our business, are all presented in a manner that we hope others will find conducive. This rule also applies to architecture, whether it be for work, play or even artistic reasons.

With this in mind, L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. is pleased to present its line of high-quality architectural finishes. These finishes provide buildings, pavements, floors, and roads with their own identity. An identity which defines style, quality and thoughtful good taste. Our range of architectural finishes includes products from the following companies.

Image: ICOT

Image: ICOT's Product
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ICOT (Guangdong) Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a solely foreign owned Japanese enterprise, located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta, China's ceramic industrial center, Nanhai, Foshan.

The company perfectly illustrates a beneficial mixing of different influences by combining Japan's advanced technology, machinery and strict quality management with China's rich and high quality materials and long history of ceramics.

Image: Marumatsu

Image: Marumatsu

Image: Ryowa

Image: Ryowa's Product

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Unique, modernistic, dramatic, colorful with economical and environmental qualities, Ryowa tiles can deliver to any specific architectural purposes. The tiles are extremely resistant to aging, and the colors can be customized to suit any schemes.

All tiles conform to the J.I.S A-5209 test items for ceramic tiles. The test criteria include facial dimensions and thickness, warp, crook, coefficient of moisture absorption, resistance to fissure, resistance to abrasion, bending strength, frost proof, resistance to chemicals, adhesion of ground paper and peelability of ground paper.

  • To find out more about this product line, please contact us at L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. and we will be happy to provide you with more information.
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