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Image: Technical Products

Image: Millenium Dome

Millennium Dome
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Image: In 1990 a US-trained registered professional engineer, Mr. Peter Pow, joined L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. and helped us expand our range of services. Mr. Pow's engineering experience and technical input allows L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. to give comprehensive installation and technical advice on our range of technical products. In the technical field, L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. represents many quality products from Australia, Japan, Germany and the United States of America. A brief synopsis of these products follows:

Image: Birdair Fabric Roofing

Image: Chicago Navy Pier
Chicago Navy Pier, Chicago
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The majority of Birdair projects are created with Architectural Membrane, a woven electrical grade Fiberglass substrate with a Teflon PTFE coating, although non-woven materials such as PVC are also considered for various applications.

In daylight, tensioned membrane structures provide a soft, diffuse interior translucency, yet appear to be opaque when viewed from the exterior. During nighttime, artificial interior lighting creates an exterior luminescence which is a very recognizable feature of tensioned membrane structures.

Image: Mee Fog

Image: Mee Fog
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Fog, other than creating an ambiance in London has emerged under the hands of physicist Thomas Mee to be not only of entertainment value but also an environmental control system.

Mee Fog can be used to bring temperatures down some 30 degrees for large-scale agricultural use, create a blanket that holds temperatures from 10 to 12 degrees warmer inside than the existing temperatures outside. Of course, it also features prominently in the entertainment industry.

Image: GFRC Rockworks

Image: GFRC Rockworks
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L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. have undertaken a joint venture to manufacture GFRC® rockscape panels in China which fulfill our customers' design requirements.

By combining the essence of art and science, we create rockworks that adhere to the rules of nature. Being the spearhead for using Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC®) rockworks we have the knowledge and the expertise required to satisfy our customers.

Image: Hiflex Adhesive

Image: Hiflex Adhesive
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Hiflex HF-1000 is a solution of EVA and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is used as a cement modifier. It substantially increases the bending and adhesion strength of a cement sand mortar for tile setting. This reduces the possibility of tiles falling off buildings after weathering and keeps the tiles on the wall, or floor, where they belong

Hiflex HF-1000 is priced very competitively and is supplied in 18kg tins. The packaging allows on-site transport of these materials to be comfortably and easily carried out.

  • To find out more about this product line, please contact us at L. F. Sam (H. K.) Ltd. and we will be happy to provide you with more information.
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