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In this section: Premier Airflow Systems Waldner

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Quality right from the start -- without compromise.

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he first oval milking bucket came from a small plumber's workshop called WALDNER in Wangen. It was much easier to hold between the legs than normal round buckets and sold well in large quantities. That was the first of Waldner's success stories.

Better, cheaper, quicker, with innovative ideas -- the main principles have not changed. Only now the 'plumber's workshop' is the internationally known WALDNER group. Two generations and two personalities -- Herman Wander and Anton Wander are today behind a company of more than 1,000 employees.

Production plants, containers, packing and dosing machines are supplied, not only to the dairy industry but also for medical technical needs and to the pharmaceutical industry. The youngest branch of the WALDNER group is WALDNER laboratory furniture, which has grown as a logical consequence of the company's previous activity. Since its inception in the 1950s it has become the market leader in Europe in this field. It is also the first German laboratory furniture and fume cupboard manufacturer to be awarded the quality certificate in accordance with the international quality standard, DIN ISO 9001.

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In order to maintain these standards, quality assurance is implemented on a day-to-day basis: in the planning and development stages, materials are selected purely on the basis of high caliber. Employees are actively involved in sharing responsibility for the quality of work. Thorough quality control and monitoring takes place at every stage of the production process.

WALDNER's quality is also inseparably linked to the company's comprehensive services. For the people of Wangen, high performance standards are inextricably linked with high quality of life; they have the grassroots reliability of long established craft trades but yet are open minded to recognize and make the most of novelties, in the interest of the customer.

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